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5 Major Benefits of Covered Boat Storage

Boating is a way of life for many in the summertime. Spending time on the lake with family and friends is a great pastime and creates a lot of wonderful memories.

This is especially true now as boat sales are way up due to people trying to find outdoor activities to do during the pandemic. So, once you buy a boat, it is worth taking good care of!

Correct boat storage is essential to maintain the life and functionality of your boat. This guide lists the five major benefits of covered boat storage.

1. Covered Boat Storage Protects Against the Elements

Using covered boat storage is an investment in the life of your boat since it protects it from the weather. Exposing your boat to the rain, hail, snow, wind, and sun throughout the year causes a lot of wear and tear.

Continued exposure to the sun can weaken the exterior coating on the boat and damage seating and other fabrics.  Rain and snow can accumulate in the hull and engine of the boat, causing damage.

Water and debris can clog the drainage system. Strong wind can cause damage to any part of the boat. Even changes in humidity can cause cracks to form over a period of time.

Leaving your boat in the water can also cause damage in the long term. Any minor defect in construction that could allow small amounts of water to enter the boat will cause damage sooner or later.

The best way to keep your boat in the best condition it can be is to store it in a covered facility, away from any damaging weather. We offer a great boat storage option.

2. It’s More Secure

Storing your boat with us in a covered facility is much more secure than storing it in a marina, on the water, or in your backyard. We offer a very secure setting with barbed wire fencing, 24-hour a day video surveillance, a code entry at the gate, and padlocks at individual storage units.

Most people do not want barbed wire fences in their yards, no matter how secure it makes the area. Installing video cameras can be expensive, too. But these measures are readily available at our facility.

With all our security features, you can rest easy knowing that your boat is in a safe location, well away from any potential thieves or vandals.

3. It Frees Up Space in Your Garage or Yard

Boats are a great investment, but they are large. Unless you have a very large garage with a dedicated space for all your cars and your boat, you likely will be short on usage space to store the boat at your home.

While storage inside the garage is best for protection from the weather and from theft or vandalism, it also takes up space where you might prefer to store a car.

You could store the boat alongside your house or elsewhere in your yard, though this doesn’t look great and in some cases may violate a home owner’s association rule. It also cuts into your yard space for other uses.

Finally, if you want to work on your boat, it may be difficult to do this in the space you have at home. For all of these reasons, it pays to store your boat in a covered facility away from your home. In some cases, this may even be closer to the water.

4. You Have 24-Hour Accessibility

Unlike some dry-storage storage facilities at marinas, your boat is accessible any time of day or night that you want it. You can go anytime and unlock your unit and take the boat.

In other dry boat storage facilities, you’d have to call ahead during business hours and have an employee use a forklift and retrieve your boat. There could even be limits to how many times you can access your own boat.

That may work for some people in certain situations, but most people want access to their boats 24 hours a day. Storing your boat in your own garage is certainly convenient, as well, but for many people just takes up too much space.

This way, you get both space and convenience.

5. It’s Better For the Environment

One of the interesting dry boat storage benefits is that it helps keep the lake or river you enjoy in good condition. Even the best boats sometimes drip some fuel or oil into the water or ground.

This is not good for the land or water. Storing a boat inside at our facility prevents any oil or gas from leaking into the water. Leaving a leaking boat in the water for a long period of time will cause environmental damage to the body of water.

This damage includes harming fish and other wildlife as well as creating an unattractive appearance in the water. Even small oil spills eventually add up and significantly damage the water quality in the area.

By storing your boat in our facility, you can help do your part to protect the environment, wildlife, and local water quality.

Storing a Boat With Us

Storing a boat in our facility is easy, safe, protect your investment, and even helps protect the environment. Covered boat storage is definitely the best way to care for your boat and the body of water you enjoy using it on.

We have indoor storage units that can accommodate up to several boats and vehicles, as well as outdoor space if that’s what you’d prefer.

If you have questions or would like more information about renting a boat storage unit, please contact us!