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7 Self Storage Mistakes to Avoid for First-Time Renters

Looking to rent a self-storage unit? That’s great, but before you do, there are some things that you should know about.

For instance, it is known that first-time renters often come across the same issues, especially when moving their things into storage. Thus, it’s important to address this before you even rent your storage.

In this article, we will cover 7 self storage mistakes that you should avoid.

Keep reading to learn more.

1. No Plan for the Near Future

It is really common for someone who is renting a self storage unit to be in a hurry, thus packing everything in an expedited manner and just hoping for the best. And it does work, but when’s it time to unpack, you’ll often find that the unit is hard to navigate, and some items have been damaged.

Instead of letting this happen, allow yourself the convenience of time and plan the packing process. Start by thinking about storing the heavy items in the back, and creating a path, which will allow you to reach the boxes from front to back without restriction.

Having adamant space to retrieve your items when you need to is the most important thing, and you will be grateful for putting in that extra bit of work.

2. Store That Only Which Makes Sense

One might think that you can store anything and everything in your self storage unit, but that’s not really the case. There are things you probably shouldn’t store, and things that you most definitely should not store.

First, don’t store food in a self storage unit. Food goes bad, and the mold on it will start to infest the rest of the items in the room.

Second, don’t store plants into the room either. Most plants are photosynthetic, meaning they cannot live without light and water. A dying plant can also rot, which will in turn damage your other items.

Third, don’t store live creatures. Any living creature requires sustenance, water, attention, so on and so forth. If you’re renting a self storage unit to keep your pets in there for a weekend trip, that’s a terrible idea.

Fourth, don’t store hazardous substances. Any type of dangerous material, which is flammable, corrosive, toxic, etc – should not be stored in the unit.

And if you’re ever worried about that what you can and cannot store, just ask the owner or supervisor of the location.

3. Neglecting Insurance

Even by choosing the most secure and advanced storage facility, you are still in the presence of risk of loss. In the event of any disaster, if your items/property sustains any type of damage, the owners of the facility are not held responsible for your property.

If you neglect facility-provided insurance or self-applied protection, you are neglecting the safety of your items, and you might as well store them outside. Also, your homeowner or renter insurance policy has covered your personal items, and it can be transferred on items, which are pertinent to your residential life.

4. Neglecting Security

People often associate certain materials with certain levels of security. For instance, a metal door and padlock look tougher than a wood door with a keyhole. Nonetheless, the most common issue that most storage unit facilities have is a lack of security.

If your storage facility does not have cameras, security personnel, or controlled access, you should probably look for another location. Access should be provided only to those who pay for a unit, no more no less.

And without security, anybody has access to your belongings. Even the toughest padlocks cannot keep an experienced thief out of your unit, thus security is of utmost importance.

So before you sign that renting lease, ask them about their security and actually take a tour around the facility to see where cameras are, and whether or not your unit is in a blind spot.

5. Wrong Size

Another common storage unit mistake is not having enough space to fit all of your belongings. Storage units can get expensive, but if you’re looking to save money on picking a smaller size, you might actually lose more money if you have to re-rent a new room for the lack of space.

Cramming all of the stuff into a unit will cause things to break, and you will have a hard time getting access to something that you need. Estimate the size of the space by the quantity and size of the items that you have. Use a piece of paper, and draw out all of the boxes, then draw them again into a figure that accommodates your needs.

You can also just an online calculating tool, which will help you find the best possible size for your amount of things.

6. Logistics

Not thinking about how you will get your stuff into the unit itself is a terrible idea. If you’re renting a truck to move, will it fit in the rows between units? Will you need a cart to move your belongings without straining your body?

If your facility has drive access, you will have a significantly easier time unloading and arranging your belongings into the unit. If you can get a room that’s on the outside or close to the ground floor, you’re already better off. Long halls, elevators, staircases – all take time and put your items in danger.

7. Moisture

A self storage unit should have regulated conditioning for the humidity. Moisture is detrimental to the safety of your items, so if you have wet items, make sure they are dryer out completely.

Use a towel to dust them off. Any appliances should be dried outside and kept that way until stored in the unit. Also, after putting in your items, prop the doors open and let the temperatures regulate, and any of your items to acclimate so that they do not affect each other’s relative humidity.

You definitely don’t want a moldy room, so make sure all is dry.

Self Storage Mistakes Avoided

Now that you know about the 7 common self storage mistakes, you are well on your way to avoiding them. Nonetheless, there are other issues that might arise, but those are case-by-case, and even then you never know when you might come across them.

In any case, if you adhere to avoiding the mistakes listed, you deplete yourself of the majority of the risk, and your items shall be safe and sound for your next use of them.

Storage for You

Remember when we said that not all storage unit facilities are made equal? We weren’t lying. That’s why you’ll want to avoid these self storage mistakes.

So if you’re interested in self storage in Grovetown, Augusta, Evans & Martinez, GA, get in touch with us and we will happily accommodate your needs. We provide on the clock security, sizing guides, and competitive pricing.