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8 Smart Boat Storage Tips You Need to Know

Owning a boat is a thrilling experience. Each summer you know exactly what you’ll be doing for fun and the wonderful memories you will make. Owning a boat is all about having fun, but it does come with responsibilities, too.

One of these responsibilities is boat storage. Boat storage is important to maintaining your boat’s appearance and performance. Properly storing your boat also retains its value over time.

Boats are an expensive investment. The cost of a boat varies depending on age, style, and model, but all need to be well-maintained. To run smoothly and prepare for summer fun, we need to understand exactly what our boats need.

We all want our boats to last for as long as possible to ensure we made an excellent purchase. This requires regular maintenance, repairs, and proper boat storage.

Learning more about boats and their needs is a great place to start. By conducting research, we can learn more about our specific boat and how to care for it properly. We can also learn about the do’s and don’ts of boat storage during the process.

Ready to learn boat storage tips? Read on to find out more about boat storage.

8 Tips for Successful Boat Storage

Did you always dream about having a boat? Did purchasing a boat make you feel like you made it?

Boat ownership is an exciting prospect. But, we may gloss over boat maintenance during our excitement when buying one. Boat maintenance has many aspects.

Some elements that you’ll need to pay special attention to include the engine, the hull, and the electrical system. You’ll also need to focus on cleaning the interior and maintaining the plumbing and HVAC systems.

Whenever you’re in need of expert maintenance advice, contact your boat dealership. You can also refer to your boat’s manual for additional tips.

Explore the following boat storage tips to ensure you’re preparing your boat and its important components for winter.

1. Boat Storage Options

If you can’t store your boat in your driveway, consider the next best option within your budget. Other boat storage options include self-storage at a facility, marina slip storage, or dry stacked boat storage.

You should also consider which option is best for your boat. Storing your boat outdoors in the winter, for example, can cause complications.

2. Make Repairs

Before you take your boat out of commission for the season, take it out on the water. When taking it out on the water for the last time, make note of any repairs that need to be made. Listen to your boat’s motor and check for any damages that need to be repaired before storing your boat.

If you don’t make repairs before storing your boat, the problems that are present could get worse during the winter.

3. Clean the Exterior

Boats tend to accumulate grime, algae, and barnacles during the summer season. It’s important to remove these substances, however, before storing our boats. Doing so will prevent these substances from damaging the boat’s exterior and getting worse over time.

4. Clean the Interior

A boat’s interior is just as important as the boat’s exterior. It’s where we enjoy our boats the most, and it deserves our attention. Clean your boat interior using the proper cleaning products.

If your boat has a refrigerator, make sure to also clean it out. Check all storage components as well to ensure that nothing that could cause damage is left behind.

5. Dry Completely

Cleaning your boat’s interior and exterior is a great step toward preparing your boat for storage. But, it’s also important to dry both the interior and exterior completely to prevent mold and mildew from growing over the winter.

You should also drain the boat by raising the bow. Then, allow any remaining water or moisture to dry out completely.

6. Perform Maintenance

Maintenance isn’t just for boating season. Maintenance is also needed before we store our boats for the winter.

To start, disconnect the battery and fill up the gas tank. Then, change the oil and replace the anti-freeze.

You should also protect the drive belts and the steering and control mechanisms. Loosen or remove the belts before storage and grease the steering and control joints.

Another maintenance task to perform is applying fogging oil to the engine. Refer to your owner’s manual for additional information on how to perform this maintenance routine.

7. Wax

Waxing your boat before storing it, isn’t just so it looks fancy. Waxing is also important to prevent rust and corrosion while your boat is in storage.

Before waxing, make sure to thoroughly clean your boat. Using the proper boat waxing products, apply the wax in a steady circular motion. Before the wax dries, buff the wax using a power buffer or by doing it manually.

8. Cover

Lastly, you’ll need to cover your boat before storing it. This ensures that your boat has extra protection even if it’s being stored indoors.

This prevents it from collecting dust and other substances.

Finding the Best Boat Storage

After learning about boat storage tips, it’s time to decide how and where you’re going to store your boat. There are many ways to store your boat, but not all are created equal.

To start, determine which storage method works best for you and your budget.

If you’re storing your boat at a facility, then make sure to find a reputable company. To do this, consider reading online reviews. You could also view the business on the Better Business Bureau website to read reviews and complaints.

When looking at reviews, make special note of how the company responded if at all. If they tried to amend the negative review, then it shows they place value on customer satisfaction.

You should also speak to the company directly, however, to determine their customer service skills. Make note of how patient, friendly, and responsive they are before committing to their services. If an issue were to arise, it’s valuable to know that the company will be willing to work with you in a friendly manner.

Need high-quality boat storage from a reputable company? Contact us today to learn more about our storage facility in Grovetown, GA and our policies/rates.