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How To Choose The Perfect Public Storage Unit

public storage

Everyone runs out of room eventually. No matter how big your home, it always seems like there’s not enough space.

And most of the time it’s things we don’t even need. Those nicknacks that sit around and take up space because “someday that’ll be useful.”

It’s hard to keep the clutter down between work, school, kids, family, and anything else that’s going on in our lives. Sometimes, it all feels overwhelming.

But what if we told you there’s an easy way to keep all that clutter out of sight and out of mind, while not having to get rid of it.

You can have that “maybe I’ll use it someday” feeling and not live with a basement or attic full to the gills with extra stuff.

The answer to the problem is storage units. Public storage units let normal people keep their things without taking up valuable space in their homes.

Public Storage Units 101

Let’s dispel some myths about public storage units. For one, they’re not for people with small homes, or low income, or anything like that.

Programs like Storage Wars make public storage units seem like a haven for delinquent things. The show gives the perception that lockers frequently sit full of things while the owner doesn’t pay.

That’s not the truth. What you see is only a small portion of the lockers that go unpaid. The rest, are full of normal people’s things.

Storage units are just extra storage for things you won’t need around the house. And for those with apartments, they’re even more important for clearing out space.

But like anything, not all storage units are equal. Some complexes serve certain needs better than others. And some are just flat out better than others.

So to help get you started with your public storage needs, we’re explaining how to choose the perfect public storage unit.

The Basics

The basics of choosing a storage unit are fairly straightforward. You need to decide what’s right for you, and what units meet your needs. This means shopping around for units to decide what’s going to work for your situation.

From price to location, you need to make sure the units you’re shortlisting have everything you want and need.


First off, you’ll want a clean storage unit if you plan on storing anything of value. This means no existing dust or grime.

Shop around for units that promise clean spaces. Check out the picture on their website, and don’t forget to call and ask about cleanliness. A dirty unit can destroy your things quicker than you’d imagine.

No Critters!

Likewise, critters can destroy your things pretty fast too. Most storage units are prone to the odd mouse or two, but others take little care to pest-proof their property.

Racoon, possums, and the like all love getting into units and destroying property. Bitting, scratching, and turning your unit into their bathroom are all commonplace.

And even if the unit is critter proof, make sure they’re still using mouse traps and spraying for cockroaches and other bugs.

Responsive Management

When you need your things, you need them right away. Not tomorrow, or the next day, and certainly not on someone else’s time.

Always make sure your unit has 24/7 assistance (or as close to that as possible). Even if it means scanning a gate card to get into the complex yourself, you need to get your things when you need them.

In addition, on-call management is also important for any unforeseen problems. If there’s an unexpected animal problem, you’ll want help right away.


There’s secure from critters, and then there’s secure from humans. Unfortunately, storage units can fall prey to robberies. Unsecured public storage makes an easy target.

Make sure your storage solution shortlist includes complexes that employ cameras, alarms, and other security features.

You’ll want those alarms linked to the police, as just an alarm isn’t enough to stop a robber before they make off with your valuables.


While location isn’t the biggest issue, you’ll want your unit close enough that driving there doesn’t become a hassle. The harder it is to get there, the less you’ll use the unit.

This tip is subjective, so it’s your call on how far you’re willing to drive.

Climate Control

In certain areas of the country, climate control is a must. Humid areas leave things susceptible to mold and mildew.

Depending on what you’re storing, even a tiny bit of moisture could ruin your things. Furniture especially doesn’t fare well sitting in the dark, even in drier climates.

Insurance Coverage

While your homeowner’s insurance likely covers public storage units, there are probably some stipulations.

Security is a common one, as is location. Units in worse neighborhoods with worse security might not get the same coverage as secure units in better areas.

Also worth noting is just how much coverage (in monetary value) your insurance extends to your storage unit.

Narrowing Down

Now that you’ve chosen a few potential units based on the above criteria, it’s time to narrow them down to one…


Before getting in the car, make sure you’ve looked through the online reviews for your chosen storage complexes.

People love to talk, and they love to review businesses when bad things happen to them. Take advantage to weed out the bad from the good.

However, do remember that people review bad experiences more often than good ones. Don’t let one bad review change your mind on an otherwise perfect place.

Meet and Greet

Visiting the actual unit is the final step in choosing the best public storage unit. You need to talk to the owner in person and see the unit first hand.

If everything checks out, you’re good to go! Start getting rid of that clutter and moving onto a tidier home.

We’d also encourage you to check out our storage unit complex if you’re in the market for a unit now.

We tick all the boxes on this list, and then some. Let us show you why we’re the best choice for storing your valuables.