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When to Opt for a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

In the midst of consecutive 100 degree days, you might be left wishing for an escape from summer’s wrath. If your storage items in the attic could talk, you’d quickly find that some are feeling quite similarly. It’s not only the summer heat that can affect your storage items– it’s also extreme cold and humidity. There are several common storage items that can be damaged by the elements.


Photos/Videos: Those dear moments you’ve captured with photos and videos could be permanently damaged by extreme weather. Pictures will curl in humidity and their delicate chemical compounds will break down more quickly in extremely hot temperatures.

Electronics: Electronics are sensitive to extreme heat and humidity. Expensive items such as sound systems and computers are better off in a climate controlled storage unit.

Mattresses: When you combine heat and humidity, you may be creating a bed for mold and mildew for your mattress. This can create serious allergy problems when the mattress is used again.

Important paper documents: Special care needs to be given to your valuable paper records as they can age prematurely in unsuitable conditions. Exposure to humidity can damage documents, including yellowing, smearing of ink and breaking down of the paper itself–thus resulting in vital data loss.

Antiques: These timeless treasures are particularly fragile and can easily warp, crack, or rot due to the elements. This category can include musical instruments, antique or not, which can easily rot or warp.

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