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Items you never knew you should keep in storage

Overtime our everyday possessions begin to build up, and it comes to the point where we may begin to start throwing away certain items from the past that we think we no longer need. While there are many things that need to be thrown away, there are some belongings that you don’t think you need, but should keep for the future. Instead of throwing away these things, consider a storage unit to place them safely until you may need them again some day.

-Old Photographs

While this may be an obvious item to hold onto and store away, some may not think about how precious old photographs can be to cultivate memories throughout history. Keeping them stored in an air tight container will keep them in good shape to one day bring out and look back on the past.


While these are good items to show off in your childhood bedroom, they don’t hold much appeal once you have grown up and stopped playing sports. Store these items away as memorabilia to one day look back on your achievements.

-Kid’s old belongings

Once kids grow up, their old belongings such as toys and clothes may seem pointless to hold onto, but storing them away could mean that you can pass them on to future generations.


Household decorations whether they are holiday, or everyday decorations can become expensive over time if you don’t reuse them. Store these items when not in use, and they will be as good as brand new the next time you want to decorate your home for a special occasion.

-Birthday Cards and letters

These sentimental items may not seem necessary to keep after your birthday is over, but storing them away to re-read a few years down the line can provide meaningful memories worth holding on to.

-Old Clothing

Trends come and go, and your closet is probably filled with countless articles of clothing that you never wear. While donating old clothes can be helpful to the less fortunate, consider storing away your out of style clothing pieces since style trends go through cycles, and it may become in-style in the future. You can also keep clothing to pass on to children or other relatives in need.

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