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How to Keep Your Self Storage Unit Neat and Organized

Whether you’re one of the estimated 35.5 million Americans who’ll move this year or you just need more space in your home, a self storage unit is an ideal spot to store your items.

Loading a storage unit sounds simple. Stack the boxes, slide in the furniture and loose items, and you’re done.

But failing to organize your items can lead to chaos.

Storage unit organization helps you find items you need easily. When you can go straight to what you need, you eliminate rearranging boxes or digging through different containers. This keeps your belongings tidy and undisturbed to keep up the organization.

Not sure how to keep everything organized? Read these storage unit organization tips to help.

Go Larger Than You Need

It’s tempting to get just the amount of space to fit everything you’re storing to save money. But you also limit your organizational abilities with the limited footprint.

It’s also more difficult to retrieve items in a small unit. You may need to pull out boxes at the front of the unit to get to things in the back. This takes more time and can make your storage space less tidy when you put the items back.

Calculate the amount of storage you think you need. Then bump up to at least one size larger. The extra room lets you leave more space between your boxes, which makes it easier to access everything and rearrange as needed.

Use Uniform Boxes or Containers

Instead of grabbing random boxes for storage, choose the same size of container for everything. Uniform packing materials let you more easily stack the items within your storage unit. Your stacks of containers create neat rows to keep the space looking tidy.

You’re also better able to keep track of things. If you use different sizes of containers, smaller items might get stashed behind larger boxes. You’ll have a more difficult time tracking down those missing boxes with mismatched boxes and random sizes.

Plan Your Storage

Don’t just start unloading your items into your storage unit. Plan how you want to arrange items before you move in your belongings.

Drawing a map of the storage unit helps you plan out your arrangement. Hold onto the map for future reference once you fill the storage unit. You’ll be able to better find what you need later.

Group Like Things Together

Putting similar things together makes it easier to keep track of your belongings. It’s also faster to find what you need when you have sections for different types of items. An easy option is to store items based on the room, such as bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen items.

Put Things You’ll Need in Front

Storage units are used for those items that you don’t use often but may still need. Examples include off-season clothing, holiday decor, documents, and seasonal gear. If you pack those items in the back of the space, you’ll have to dig through lots of boxes to get to them.

Instead, position those items near the front of your storage unit so they’re easily accessible. You can grab those items quickly without rearranging everything. It saves you time, and it minimizes disruption to the stored items.

Label Everything

Clear labeling lets you load your storage unit efficiently. You can easily place those containers where they go based on the map you created. You’re also better able to find what you need later.

Get specific with your labeling. Instead of just labeling something “kitchen,” list the specific type of items, such as small appliances, cooking utensils, or food storage containers. When you need to grab something from the unit, you’re better able to find it.

Go a step further by writing a detailed inventory list for each box. Attach it to the outside of the box, or tape it to the inside lid so you can find it easily. When you need something specific, you can refer to that list to find the correct box quickly.

You can also use a coding system, such as a different color for each room. You can easily scan the boxes to spot the color for the room.

A similar option is to label each box with a different number. Keep a master list of all the box numbers and the contents of those boxes. When you need something, you can check your list and locate the box more easily.

Use Shelving

Shelving units within your storage space help keep your boxes neat and organized. They keep the boxes aligned perfectly.

Shelves also alleviate pressure on the lower boxes compared to stacking items directly on top of each other. This protects the contents.

If you use a stacking method, you increase the risk of the boxes tipping over if you stack them very high. When you choose a sturdy shelving unit, the containers have lots of support and are less likely to fall or tip. You’re able to use more vertical space because of this stability.

Shelving also makes it easier to access what you need. If you stack the boxes and need something from the bottom, you have to move all of the boxes on top of it. With shelving units, you can easily grab any box, whether it’s at the top or the bottom, without moving other containers.

Create Walkways

You want to maximize your storage space, but you also need room to move around within your unit. That’s especially important if you’ll need to access items periodically.

Line the walls with shelving, furniture, or stacked boxes to get as much in the unit around the perimeter as possible. As you fill in the middle of the storage unit, leave walkways to make all of your items accessible.

Ideally, you don’t want to have to move items in order to access other items. You should be able to reach everything directly. The more rearranging you have to do to get something, the more disruption you have, which can create a messy, disorganized space.

Improve Your Self Storage Organization

Taking a strategic approach to self storage organization lets you make the best use of your storage unit space. It also makes it easier to find specific items when you need access to those things.

Are you ready to move your belongings into self storage? Check out our storage unit options and features to find an option that suits your needs.