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How Long-Term Storage Can Help Your Military Move

Whether it’s just you or you and your family, let’s face it: military moves can be tough. You have to pack your whole life up and resettle it somewhere else.

Between the chaos of packing and the unsettling feeling of moving to a new space, you need some sense of control and order in your life to stay sane.

Enter long-term storage.

Long-term storage can help you reduce and simplify your life. It is a way to have your life be comfortable while also being ready to be on the go at a day’s notice.

Many people use self-storage in their day-to-day lives, not even thinking of what life would be like if they had to relocate every year or so. Imagine the good it can do for a semi-nomadic lifestyle.

Let’s talk about that.

Using Long-Term Storage Keeps it Simple

Putting your items in storage may sound inconvenient and uncomfortable. In reality, however, it is a way to keep your life together and live comfortably at the same time.

Using a storage facility actually makes the initial moving into a place much easier. You take what you need in your car or luggage, and have a moving truck or van take all of the extra things straight to the storage facility.

This way, you can take things to your house or apartment as you need them, and not have to sort through all of the clutter in your own place of living to find what you need.

As long as you pack your stuff up in a neat fashion and label all your things, you can pull things from the storage unit as you need it while keeping all your things in an organized fashion.

It can also help you on the next military move you have to make. You just call the moving van or truck to the storage facility and load the contents of the storage unit onto the van or truck. No more struggling with cardboard boxes and tape.

It’s also more affordable than keeping up with rent payments on another apartment or house just so you can have a space to keep all of your stuff. Most self-storage facilities have monthly rates that are affordable for everyone.

Other Benefits of Long-Term Storage

We’ve already talked about how clearly labeling and neatly storing your belongings is paramount to simplifying your life. But it also holds other benefits.

You can store all of your clothes by season, so you can just swap out your entire wardrobe once the season changes. You can also store things that are more sentimental than practical so you can keep them safe and keep your place of living clutter free.

It can be really hard when you have to decide between preserving memories and saving space in your home. Self-storage makes it so that you don’t have to. You can feel at ease knowing that all of your memories will have a place for years to come.

Speaking of feeling at ease, you also keep your home safer by keeping valuables and antiques in a self-storage unit. Not only does it keep your home at lower risk of break-ins, it also keeps your prized possessions under lock and key.

No, seriously- a good self-storage facility has a code lock for the door of the building and a separate lock for your specific unit. That way you can rest easy knowing that you have a special place to keep the things that matter most.

Choosing the Right Facility for You

When choosing a long-term storage facility, there are a few factors to look out for:

  • Security
  • Cleanliness
  • Staff competence
  • Location

It’s always good to check reviews and see if anyone you know uses a storage facility nearby. Location is key because you want to be able to get your things as soon as you want them.

You also want to make sure the security is up to date, and that the facility has a security guard so you can rest easy. Cleanliness is also important, not only to protect your possessions from leaky pipes but also from mice.

Going to get your winter coats and finding a bunch of holes in them is not ideal.

Choosing the right storage space for your things is very important, but it is also half the battle. Storing your things the right way is also key to keeping a clutter-free, happy life.

Treating Your Stuff Well

Storing your possessions properly can be tricky, but when you are in the military it is important to develop a habit of putting stuff in its proper place.

Getting a label maker is a good start. Also investing in plastic bins or even vacuum seal bags is a smart way to condense all of your excess items.

Separating clothes by season, and sentimental items by year help you find the things you need to locate easy and stress-free.

If you have clothes that are wool, make sure to buy mothballs or an alternative that doesn’t have that distinct mothball smell. If you choose to store your things in cardboard boxes, invest in a tarp to cover them just in case.

The right storage facility will take every precaution to keep your possessions safe and well, but it is always good to take an extra step or two for your own reassurance.

Enjoying a Clutter-Free Life

Moving around isn’t always the easiest lifestyle, but when you’re serving your country, it’s a small price to pay for doing a very important job. Long term storage facilities can help make your life easier so you can focus on the important things.

Make sure you do your research and sort your things out so you can keep your life simple and care-free.

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