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The Importance of Labeling

In our latest installment of getting self storage right the first time, we’re going to talk about labeling.  This is one of the most important things you can do to make your life easier when you are organizing your self storage unit.  If you want to save yourself a lot of headaches, keep reading!

Traditionally, after you had packed a box, you might label it “Kitchen” or “Living Room” and leave it at that.  While that may help you divide and conquer your items room by room, it does not help you find that elusive item you need when you are searching through 10 different boxes simply labeled “Kitchen”.  This plan is a little labor intensive at first, but in the end you will be glad you went through the trouble.

Do an Inventory as You Pack

As you fill each box, make a list of what is going in the box, down to the smallest item.  For example, one of your kitchen boxes may contain the following:
10 Forks – 15 Spoons – 8 Blue Bowls – Spice Rack – 3 Spatulas – Small Cutting Board

Be sure to be specific when talking about color or pattern, so you’ll know exactly which items are in the box.  When you are faced with a few dozen boxes in your storage unit, you’ll be glad you did an inventory when you’re looking for those special blue bowls your grandmother gave you.

Attach the List to the Outside of the Box

Then, you can either tape your handwritten list to the outside of the box, or you can print one out from your computer so it is easier to read.  Be sure to put your labels on the same side of each box so they’ll all be in the same place when you stack them. You can also insert a list on the inside in case the one on the outside falls off or is damaged.

Mark Items off as You Remove Them

Here’s another nice thing about having the lists on the outside of the box – you can mark off items when you take them out of the box.  This will save you confusion later when you move the boxes or forget what you’ve taken out over time.

Next week we’ll continue our blog about getting self storage right the first time by talking about choosing the right amount of space in order to stay organized.  Contact Hollywood Self Storage in Augusta GA for climate controlled, secure self storage.