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How to Pack a Storage Unit to Maximize Your Space

Wondering how to pack a storage unit so you can fit everything in?

If you have the right storage unit packing tips, you’ll be surprised by how much you can fit into a small space.

You might even find that you’ve been paying too much for a storage unit that’s bigger than you need. Strategic packing can save money by allowing you to downgrade, and it helps make sure that nothing gets damaged while you store it.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to pack boxes efficiently so you can make the most out of your storage unit space. Keep reading to learn how to pack a storage unit well!

How to Pack a Storage Unit

Packing well is all about being strategic and organized throughout the whole process. Before you start putting things into boxes, make sure to read this guide!

1. Take Inventory of What You’ll Be Storing

This should always be your first step before you even rent the storage unit. If you have an inventory of exactly what you’ll be packing, you can more easily decide on the correct storage unit size, and you’ll also be able to keep your items organized.

Your inventory doesn’t have to go into all kinds of detail. You just need a basic overview of what you’ll be storing, such as the furniture items and the number of boxes you’re working with. Then, make sure to pick a storage unit that’s the right size for your items.

2. Label Boxes

Now, you can pack and label your boxes according to what’s in them.

If you have a storage unit, you’re probably counting on packing things that you won’t need for at least a few months. That’s just enough time for you to forget where everything is packed, no matter how good your memory is.

If you label your boxes, you can pack them according to what you’ll need first. You don’t want your kitchen supplies to be buried in the back, while old paperwork you don’t need is within easy reach.

Label your boxes so you can pack them strategically, and unpack them with ease. Don’t forget to mark which boxes are fragile, and note which end should be up.

3. Avoid Storing Valuables

No matter how carefully you pack everything, it’s not a good idea to store your most valuable items in your storage unit.

Most of the time, everything in your unit will be fine. However, if you make a mistake while packing or unpacking, your valuables could become damaged. If something is truly irreplaceable, it’s not worth the risk.

4. Organize Carefully

As you pack your unit, organize both for easy accessibility and for stability. You need to be able to reach the most important items first, and you also need to do everything you can to make sure boxes don’t fall or become damaged.

Place the things you won’t need anytime soon near the back of the unit, and the things you’re going to need or want as soon as possible near the front.

One of the most important tips for how to maximize packing space is to think vertically. Your storage unit has plenty of height, so stack things as high as you can to make use of every inch from the floor to the ceiling.

Don’t crowd your boxes near the bottom of the unit. Stack heavier items along the ground, then add progressively lighter boxes on top of them. If you have space, create a path that goes all the way to the back of the unit. That way, you can reach all of your belongings if you really need to.

5. Pack for Safety

Pack and wrap your items the right way so they aren’t at risk of getting damaged. If you’re packing furniture, use moving pads or old blankets to cover it. Don’t wrap your furniture in plastic, though: plastic keeps moisture in, so mold and mildew can start to grow.

If you’re packing small items, be sure to box them to keep them safe. If it’s fragile, wrap it in packing paper, and pack the box tightly so the items can’t shift around and break.

6. Buy Insurance

Careful packing can go a long way. However, it’s still a good idea to get personal property insurance for your stored items. Your homeowners or renters insurance might cover it already, or have an option to add it on.

This extra protection will bring you peace of mind if you’re storing things that matter to you (and why would you store anything unless it mattered to you?

7. Take Furniture Apart

A lot of furniture items can be taken apart, which lets you pack them in more space-efficient ways. Find ways to shrink your tables, chairs, bookshelves, and bedframes by taking them apart. Just make sure to save the directions so you can put them back together again!

8. Fill the Gaps

Use the space creatively while packing your unit. Any unused gap can become a place to store things!

For example, if you’re storing a freezer or fridge, you can put your books or DVDs inside to maximize the use of space. Also, if you’re storing something like a fridge, be sure to leave the door slightly open so mildew and mold can’t grow inside. Use a ball of tape to prop open the door, and fill the fridge with whatever you need to store.

9. Make a Map

Since you already have your inventory list from step 1, you can now use it to make a map that tells you where every item is stored. Keep your map inside the door of the storage unit and you’ll always be able to find exactly what you need.

Need a Storage Unit?

Now that you know how to pack a storage unit, you just need to find the right storage unit company to rent from.

You’ll need a storage facility that keeps your storage unit boxes safe so you won’t have to worry. Looking for a great local storage company? Check out our unit features here!