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Packing Your Boxes – Part 1

I know what you’re thinking; packing boxes isn’t rocket science, so why do I need tips on something so easy? Well, it’s not as simple as it looks. Believe it or not, there’s a right way and a wrong way to pack, and there’s also a difference between packing for moving and packing for storage.

When you pack for self storage, you should always keep protection, organization, and accessibility in mind. You want your items to be found easily, and you want to be able to get to them when you need them. You also want them to be protected from damage. With that in mind, the choices you make in boxes and packing material is essential.

Your boxes should be high quality and sturdy, and they should be the same size and shape when possible. Cheap and/or random boxes are unreliable and prone to fall apart when they are moved around. Flimsy boxes also offer little protection for breakable items, so it is worth it to invest in higher quality boxes that are built for moving and long-term self storage.

Packing material is also something you should consider carefully. Many people like to use wadded up newspaper because it is cheap and available, but you should be aware that the ink on newsprint can easily rub off and stain items that you’ve packed. Use clean paper instead, or you can use packing material like sheets of foam, bubble wrap, or Styrofoam peanuts. Be careful about sealing items in plastic, because of the danger of condensation.

Next week, we will give you more tips on packing and organizing your boxes so you can keep up with everything in your self storage unit. If you have any questions or concerns about packing or self-storage, contact us at Hollywood Self-Storage, your choice for self-storage in Augusta, Georgia and the surrounding area.