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Seasonal Items and Self Storage

Is your garage so cluttered with items that you can’t park your car in it anymore?  How long has it been since you’ve actually used it as a garage instead of a make-shift storage facility full of holiday decorations and yard implements that only get used once a year?  It’s time to make some space and put seasonal items into self storage.

Holiday decorations are a notorious space taker.  Do you have Halloween ghosts or a Santa tucked away in the corner of your garage? If you’re like most people, you probably have boxes of unorganized decorations piling up all over the place.  Self storage is a great way to get it all out of the way and get it organized so you can get to it easily when you need it.

And, you’ve probably got all kinds of yard implements piling up in your garage.  Whether it is the fertilizer spreader that you use once or twice a year or the rakes and leaf blowers that only see action in autumn, you can clear out some space by putting them into self storage.  Be careful, though.  Don’t store any gas-powered items with fuel in them.

One more seasonal item you can store is clothing.  Not sure where to put all those large coats, mittens, scarfs, or even ski gear?  Self storage can be your best friend when you are storing away those things during the hot summer months.

So take a look around your garage and see what’s keeping you from putting your car in it, where it belongs.  With a little seasonal know-how, you can make your car happy again.  Need some more self storage advice? Give us a call at Hollywood Self Storage on Belair Road in Evans, Georgia.