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What to keep or store this spring

Although it can still remain a little chilly up until summer finally arrives, it is safe to say that the cold winter temperatures are finally beginning to disappear. Now that you can spend more time outside, you can begin to decide what items you should be keeping around the house, and which items you can choose to store away until next year’s winter comes back around. Here is a list of items you should keep, and those you should store in your storage unit this spring.

1. Seasonal Clothing

Heavy materials that are meant to keep you as warm as possible are not only unnecessary for spring weather, they also take up double the space of lighter clothing. Store away your winter jackets, and heavy sweaters, but keep a light sweater or jacket for the cooler temperatures that can remain throughout spring.

The types of shoes you store can also free up space for more appropriate attire. Store way heavy boots, and make room for light shoes and sandals.

2. Bedding

Heavy blankets are perfect for the cold winter, but serve no purpose for springs warmer temperatures. Winter blankets are bulky and heavy, and take up too much space than is necessary. Switch them out with lighter blankets that will last you until next fall and winter.

3. Vehicles

Whether you have a convertible that you can now drive with the top down, or a boat that you can now begin to use again, consider taking them out of storage and start putting them to use!


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