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Labeling Your Boxes

This is a mistake we see over and over again when helping people with their self storage issues.  Customers forget to label their storage boxes before they put them into the self storage unit and end up forgetting what’s inside the boxes. The result is a nightmare of disorganization and fruitless searches when they go back into storage to find a particular item.

The best thing to do is to label your storage boxes as you pack them, and tape a list of items to the outside of each box.  Also, be sure to put a label on each side of the box, because you don’t know exactly which way they’ll be facing when you put them inside.  Give yourself every opportunity to save time and trouble when it comes time to dig in your self storage unit in the future.  You will be glad you took the short amount of time and energy to label everything correctly.

Be prepared and buy plenty of labels and markers before you start packing.  Make sure the markers are thick enough to be seen, and be sure that your labels are high quality.  You don’t want them falling off over time. You can also color code your boxes with different color markers or labels.  For example, yellow labels could be used for all your kitchen items, while bright green could be for linens, etc.

If you have any questions or concerns about moving or putting items into self storage, give us a call at Hollywood Self-Storage on Belair Road in Evans, GA. We are the experts on self storage in the Augusta area!