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What to avoid storing in your unit

What to avoid storing in your unit

Many items are an obvious bad choice when it comes to what to store and what not to store in your unit, but at times you may question, is this item storable? Here is a list of items that should never be placed in a storage unit.


Chemicals and other dangerous substances

While your garage might have canisters of gasoline, or shelves with leftover paint, flammable items such as these should not be placed in a storage unit where risk of combustion not only could damage your items, but the items of other tenants surround your unit. All equipment such as lawn mowers and other gas powered devices should also be completely emptied of gas and other fluid before being stored as well.

Living things

While it might be obvious that a storage unit isn’t a good place to house your family pet, some fail to realize that plants are living things too! Storing plants or flowers in a storage unit not only prevents them from needed sunlight, but also exposes them to harsh heat that can quickly kill them.

Food items

While canned food is fine to store for long periods of time in your unit, other foods such as those requiring refrigeration or a short shelf life should never be placed in a storage unit. These items can bring unwanted smells, and pests into your unit that could potentially damage other goods that are being stored.


Since storage units are susceptible to extreme temperature changes, expensive electronics such as flat screen televisions or computers are at high risk of being damaged during a quick change in temperature. If these items have to be stored, a climate controlled unit would be the best option to insure that they remain undamaged.

Family Treasures

Items that have been passed down through the family, or that hold special meaning to you should be avoided from being placed in a storage unit. While the security of your unit is high and the risk of theft is low, items that cannot be replaced are better off stored safe at home or in a safety deposit box.