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Rules to follow for spring storage unit cleaning

Transitioning from winter to spring means warmer clothes, longer days, and spring cleaning. For those who rent a storage unit, this time of year shouldn’t only be a time to clean your home, but also your storage unit as well! Overtime, you may find out that you have been storing items that are no longer a necessity to keep, and getting rid of these items opens more room in your unit for new ones!

Cleaning out your unit can be a tricky process, especially if you did not prepare ahead of time when storing your items. Here are some common mistakes renters use when storing their items in their storage unit.


Many times when you get a unit, your main goal is to fill it with everything you don’t need, but want to keep. The process is usually just to find room for your items, and make them fit the best way possible. What some forget to do, is to use a little strategy and where certain items go. Always start filling your unit with items that you know you won’t be needing for a long time, or ever at all. This way, the non-necessity items are placed in the back of the unit where it may end up becoming impossible to get to once the unit becomes filled. Storing important items you will need in the future towards the back of the unit will make for a long process of moving items around just to reach what you need!

-Forgetting to label

You may think you know where everything is because you packed it in each box yourself, but a few months down the road you most likely will forget altogether. This problem can lead to unnecessary amounts of time digging through boxes to find exactly what you need. A simple description of items written on the outside of the box can make your life way easier in the end!

Make spring cleaning a little more bearable when it comes to your storage unit by following these simple rules!