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Use strategy when storing in your unit

When you finally decide to rent your own storage unit, it is important to be organized and strategic in how you are storing your items. Many people who use a storage unit need it as a quick fix for the overflow of personal belongings that they no longer have room for at home. They simply transfer the items over, placing them in the unit wherever the item may fit. This may work, but when the day comes that they finally need to retrieve their items from their unit, it can become a grueling task of digging around and forgetting exactly what was stored.

To make sure your unit begins and stays organized, there are a few steps to take before placing your first item in storage.

1.Clean out the unit

While the unit should be clean upon renting, it is always best to take extra precaution and sweep out any dust or dirt that may have ended up blowing inside. This will allow your items to remain in best condition once they are stored away.

2. Label every box

You may remember exactly what is in each box on the day you store them, but over-time memory fades and you soon will wonder where a certain item is and end up digging through boxes.

3. Plan a strategy for placing your items

Don’t just store your items anywhere in your unit. Strategize your placement based off of item necessity and weight. Heavier items should always be placed on the bottom, and items you may need before others should be placed towards the front of the unit. This will allow for easier access to certain items over-time and prevent having to move around your entire unit. It is also a good idea to leave space for walking so you can continue to access items that are placed further back in the unit. Extra space will also allow for better air flow, which will keep your items in better shape.

4. Use correct containers

While boxes are good for some items, consider storing items in plastic storage containers which are the best option in preventing moisture from entering.